I am Max Biddlecombe – a Media Production student in my second year at the University of Lincoln. This website was setup as a portfolio for further education. However, it has become my long term blog project showcasing the projects and commissions I have completed to date and also showing my views on certain ideas and movements in the media, games and electronic music industry.
I love editing and post-production work, this ranges from short films, montages, music videos, and other projects which I am asked to help with. In addition, I am a small producer of Electronic Music under the alias, TVU. I am a member of BSI, a gaming community which I help create visual and digital content for and am the lead editor/manager for its YouTube channel and manager of the PR aspect of the community. I am also the visual content developer for Watchman Records and a brand ambassador for Native Lincoln. In addition to my various roles in projects, I am the President of the University of Lincoln’s Electronic Music Society which focuses on Electronic Music and DJing.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to enquire about anything you have seen or wish to use my skills in a project of your own. You may reach me at max.biddlecombe@outlook.com but if you wish to reach me quicker, feel free to tweet me @TCABxl.