I was approached by Sharon Hallsworth, Assistant Headteacher of Ashover Primary School in Derbyshire. She began an initiative to promote english and maths in primary schools, and with the help of Derby County footballers, she was able to film a video promoting the skills behind it.

She asked me to host a workshop at Tupton Hall to teach some primary school children some basic editing skills, I asked 5 people to join me when hosting the workshop and was able to create small groups to give them a helping hand with a small chunk of the footage, we decided to make it fun with a bit of healthy competition with the best teams video being in the final cut.

In the end, I was left with 3 cameras worth of footage and edited it into the 12 minute long video which will be mass produced onto DVD and distributed to all the primary schools in Derbyshire and Derby. It required me to focus on keeping the attention to detail high and to make sure that there were no errors, after some back and forth work with Sharon, I was able to produce the final copy which has now been distributed.

It was an amazing opportunity to be able to edit and participate in such an important project.