Music Production

In February 2015, I began producing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with 2 other people in a group, we go by the name of TVU. Here is the link to our soundcloud which contains all of our releases. In addition, there is a Dropbox link to the other content we have produced.  All 3 of us are in different countries and rarely meet up face to face. as a result of this, we utilised the use of Skype, Dropbox & Soundcloud in order to share projects, sounds and plugins with each other in order to produce. You can access our ToneDen site here.

TVU Soundcloud

Young Enterprise Presentation Video

As part of the presentation stage of the Young Enterprise competition in North Derbyshire, we faced 8 other schools from around the area and were required to present our ideas. I decided to make this video to promote the skills and teamwork used in the group and to show off the teamwork, the production and the innovation of the company which might not have been evident in the presentation without.

I used another member’s voice for voiceover to narrate the video and I set the video into 3 clear areas, the trade fairs we attended, the production of the product and the use of teamwork throughout the company. I also used a backing track to allow the video to flow.

AS Level Media Studies Coursework

This is the video for my AS level coursework task which was to create a 2 minute opening to a thriller film. I have uploaded all of the work which was required for my coursework. The link for the blog is here.