Vexed (w/ Phoreeses)

Vexed is a Drum & Bass track which I produced with my friend Andrew Simons. We met at the Electronic Music Society in 2016 and since then we have had an interest in collaborating together. After a few attempts with no success and no solid ideas, I showed Andrew my track Vexillum and instantly we had the idea to create a Drum & Bass rendition of the track.


Vexillum is a minimal Trance track which we released for free after the successful response to Chromosphere. It begins an on/off series of releases which we offer for free under our black cover idea of the logo, name and date of the release.


Chromosphere is the first release from TVU since the early 2017 wipe of our previous catalogue. We worked with Saif Alatrash (SaYf) on this Uplifting Trance production which released in early May of 2017 on Watchman Records.

For the visual creation to go alongside the release of the release, I utilized movement and speed to create a teaser that accurately fits the feel of the song. I used various adjustment layers and blur layers along with constant position and scale movements to make this fluttery, glitchy mess before the breakdown introduces to show off the album artwork. Furthermore, I decided to follow suit with the release video by going full 3D with the rotation of the Lion symbol. With this, I often inverted and glitched the symbol up to create a puzzle for the eyes with the rotation and the glitch causing an optical illusion near the end of the song.

Music Production

In February 2015, I began producing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with 2 other people in a group, we go by the name of TVU. Here is the link to our soundcloud which contains all of our releases. In addition, there is a Dropbox link to the other content we have produced.  All 3 of us are in different countries and rarely meet up face to face. as a result of this, we utilised the use of Skype, Dropbox & Soundcloud in order to share projects, sounds and plugins with each other in order to produce. You can access our ToneDen site here.

TVU Soundcloud