Chromosphere is the first release from TVU since the early 2017 wipe of our previous catalogue. We worked with Saif Alatrash (SaYf) on this Uplifting Trance production which released in early May of 2017 on Watchman Records.

For the visual creation to go alongside the release of the release, I utilized movement and speed to create a teaser that accurately fits the feel of the song. I used various adjustment layers and blur layers along with constant position and scale movements to make this fluttery, glitchy mess before the breakdown introduces to show off the album artwork. Furthermore, I decided to follow suit with the release video by going full 3D with the rotation of the Lion symbol. With this, I often inverted and glitched the symbol up to create a puzzle for the eyes with the rotation and the glitch causing an optical illusion near the end of the song.

Digital Light Droplets

Digital Light Droplets is the new single to be released on Watchman Records by Phoreeses. As part of the promotion package for the release. The preview video and the accompanying audio spectrum videos for each song were produced and released on the Watchman Records YouTube channel and other social media platforms.